Home Window Cleaning Services Edina

Home Cleaning Service EdinaHomeowners in Edina MN put a lot of time, energy, and money into maintaining their homes. After all the effort that goes into home maintenance and curb appeal, some Edina homeowners overlook regular window cleaning or consider it to be an unnecessary expense.  Professional window washing services aren’t used only by commercial properties, their services are also used by residential homeowners. Continue reading

Window Washing Services St Paul

Window Cleaning Company St PaulWe’re heading into summer, and as the days grow longer and longer we’ll all spend more time looking out our windows into the clear blue sky! What many homeowners learn pretty quickly once they begin washing their own windows is that window washing entails quite a bit more time and elbow grease than simply spraying water onto the windows from a garden hose. Continue reading

Spring And Fall Gutter Cleaning St. Paul MN

Gutter Cleaning Services St. Paul, MNMany homeowners realize it’s time to clean their gutters, but they get the sense that gutter cleaning season passed just a few months ago.  The truth is that if you’re maintaining your home properly, gutter cleaning season did just pass! Like clockwork, mother nature shares her snow, rain, leaves, and debris throughout the seasons, and your gutters catch the brunt of it. Continue reading

Power Washing Services St Paul MN

Power Washing MNHave you ever heard of the term, “power wash my soul”? Basically, it’s a metaphor meaning to completely clean the soul and rid it of sin. While we don’t have the powers to completely clean your soul, Sun Squeegee can power wash just about anything else! Offering power washing services in St Paul, MN, Sun Squeegee does both residential and commercial power washing, giving your property a new, clean look. Continue reading

Gutter Cleaning Services St Paul MN

Gutter Cleaning Service St. Paul, MNNow is the perfect time to consider getting your gutters cleaned in St Paul, MN. Chances are that the existing gutters on your property have leaf and debris buildup that developed over the fall and winter months. If you do not address the gutter buildup now, damage can occur to your gutter system, as well as your home or commercial property. Rather than tackling this difficult project on your own, consider investing in residential and commercial gutter cleaning services from our experienced staff at Sun Squeegee. Continue reading