Affordable Window Cleaning Services for Twin Cities Property Owner/Managers

Sun Squeegee Window Washing ReviewsProperty owners and managers have a lot to worry about. Keeping renters happy is more than a full time job. Window washing is just one of many aspects in keeping a property clean and habitable; and Sun Squeegee is here to handle all of your window washing needs for properties around the Twin Cities. We are a full service window washing company, even hand washing and drying every window so that they are spot free and show the beauty of the surrounding environment. Contact us today and see how our window washing services are superior to the rest. It’s another thing you can check off your list.

Window Washing for Businesses

Cleaning windows is more than just a facelift, a beautifying technique. When you have your windows properly washed, dust and allergens will be cleaned from the air, creating a healthier environment for employees, customers, and clients. Of course, it’s not just windows that will get a thorough washing when Sun Squeegee comes out to your business property. We also clean sills so that there is not dust or dirt anywhere around the windows.

Business properties don’t just benefit from cleaner air when windows are cleaned, they also benefit by letting the sun in full force, without spots or streaks blocking any view. Sun Squeegee does this by washing each and every window inside and outside by hand and drying them by hand as well. We don’t use spray washing because that just doesn’t get things as cleaning as the tried and true method of hand scrubbing. A sunnier work environment creates a happier one, and tenants will want to stay where they are if they’re happy.

Window Washing for Residential Properties Twin Cities

Sun Squeegee also provides window washing for owners and managers of residential properties. Has a tenant moved out and they didn’t leave the place as clean as you’d like for the new people? Or perhaps you haven’t found renters yet. Call Sun Squeegee today and we will come out and clean all the windows, sills, and edges so that the place is bright, smells better, and people will want to live there. We take care of windows both inside and out because we know it is a difficult task. And we clean all manner of windows as well, from double hung to sliding glass doors, picture windows and more.

Window Cleaning Company St. Paul/Minneapolis MN

Sun Squeegee is a professional window washing company serving property managers and owners in the Twin Cities. When you call us, you can be certain that we will handle the job thoroughly and professionally. Contact us today and see what we can do for you.

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