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Window Washing Service MNAs the ice fades from our Minnesota homes, pollen, dirt, and leftover debris makes a nice film on our windows or screen covers and it can really wreak some havoc on your home. For this very reason, now is the best time to call on Sun Squeegee, offering window washing services in Minnesota, for even the nastiest of grime!

Window Washing Services in Minnesota

Obviously, a big reason people begin to call us this time of year is due to the amount of grime that reduces that visibility through a window, and the overall nasty appearance that dirt and grime brings. When you use our team of professionals, you will receive only the best care for your windows. We meticulously hand clean your windows so that all of your windows, screens, and window sills are looking gorgeous by the time we leave! Why is it important to clean everything? Window screen washing services in Minnesota are all too often overlooked but they are the most important aspect of getting a window nice and clean!

Importance of Window Screen Washing Services in Minnesota

The three main reasons we like to focus on cleaning your window screens by hand are as follows: it improves air quality, keeps your windows in shape, and it clears window visibility. If you are hoping to open your windows for a nice spring breeze and instead breathe in dirty air from your window screens, no one is going to enjoy that nice breeze for long! Likewise, if your screen is not regularly cleaned, all of the substances attached to it will eventually break it down and destroy both your window and your screen. Lastly, no matter how clean your windows are, if your screen is dirty, no one is going to be able to see through it! At Sun Squeegee, all screens are removed, cleaned, and wiped down!

Our window cleaning process always includes:

  • All screens are removed, cleaned and wiped down.
  • All windows on all levels of the home or business are hand washed.
  • All windows and sills are scrubbed with soap and water.
  • All window sills and edges are dried with a towel.
  • All windows are dried with a Squeegee.
  • All screens are replaced once cleaned.

We never miss a step at Sun Squeegee because we know that your windows are important to you! Let the sunshine through this spring! For all of your window washing services in Minnesota, call Sun Squeegee today! Contact us at (651) 210-8368.

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