Door and Window Screening Services MN

Hand Washed Window Washing Company

Window Washing Service MNIf you have considered hiring a professional window washing company to clean your home or business’ windows, you may assume that the company will arrive with lots of massive equipment, ready to tackle the window washing project with sprayers. Sun Squeegee views window washing very differently than most professional window washing company. Our team hand washes all windows that we are hired to clean, to ensure the best possible finish. Larger sprayers can leave streaks and drops on your windows, but you can expect hand washed windows to be streak free and crystal clear. We are so confident that you will be happy with our work that we offer a satisfaction guarantee to all of our customers in the St Paul, North St Paul, South St Paul, Eagan, MN area. Continue reading

Twin Cities On-Site Door & Window Re-screening Company

Mn Window Rescreening ServicesSince 2008, Sun Squeegee has been repairing and replacing screens in the Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota area. The friendly professionals on our team know what good service looks like, and we strive every day to make sure that we leave every homeowner satisfied with their screens. Whether we’re repairing or replacing your screens, you can count on us for a quick, easy, and durable fix, letting you get back to enjoying your open windows and doors. So stop worrying about unwanted pests coming through broken screens, and have your windows and doors rescreened by Sun Squeegee today. Continue reading

Clean windows sell a home

Spring time is the most popular time to sell a home. Selling your home is all about curb appeal, and if you are trying to sell your home you want to make sure that your home looks as beautiful as it can. When you want to add value to your home, you want to make sure that you are investing in something that will give you a good return. Whether you have a $100,000 budget for improvements or are simply trying to make your home look as beautiful as possible, having clean windows tops the list on realtor suggestions around the country. When you make improvements you want to make sure that it pays off. If you invest $10,000 and only get a few hundred dollars back at the end of the day, was it worth the improvement? Continue reading

Spring Window cleaning

St Paul Window Cleaning CompanyThe long St. Paul winter is finally winding down, and the grips of winter are loosening on your mood, your house and the surrounding areas. As many people prepare to clean up for the spring season, you want every inch of your house looking perfect. Window cleaning is one part to making your home ready for the spring, and we can offer you the cleaning service you need to make your house look beautiful, and allow you to look out your home and enjoy the beautiful greenery without being distracted by the smudges and dirty windows from the last years elements that have impacted your windows cleanliness. Continue reading

Window Cleaning and Screen Repair

As spring draws nears and the temperatures warm up, you may yearn to be outdoors, and when you are inside, want to bring in some of the brilliant sunshine. As you look out of the windows of your home or business, you may notice dirt, grime and even some mildew on your windows, keeping the sunlight from shining brightly. Spring is a great time to have the windows of your property professionally cleaned. This will allow more light in and increase your property’s curb appeal, which may even increase your property value. Sun Squeegee specializes in interior and exterior window washing for residences and commercial property in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area. In addition, our crew can complete window and door screen repair, so that you can also let in some of that fresh air. Continue reading

Commercial Cleaning Minneapolis

Here at Sun Squeegee, we aren’t just about image and appearance. While it may seem that a commercial cleaning service provider in Minneapolis should only focus on image, we are here to help you understand why we take our business a step further. If you are looking for commercial cleaning services in Minneapolis, look no further than our professionals here at Sun Squeegee. Continue reading

Minneapolis Residential Cleaning Company

Minneapolis Residential Cleaning CompanyThere are certain cleaning projects around the home that are just simply too difficult to complete on a regular basis.  Window washing, gutter cleaning, power washing, window re-screening, and cleaning chandeliers, ceiling fans and mirrors around the house take a lot of time and effort.  Sun Squeegee is a family owned business serving the Minneapolis, MN area that specializes in the difficult cleaning jobs around your home that are most often avoided at all cost.  Our team has nearly a decade of experience serving those in the Minneapolis area and stands behind each of our jobs with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Continue reading

St. Paul & Minneapolis Minnesota On-Site Door & Window Re-Screening Company

Screen Damage RepairRegardless of where you live, repairing and replacing screens is inevitable. No matter how well you treat your screen windows and doors, you can’t prevent them from being damaged by children, pests, unobservant visitors, or even your own clumsiness. At Sun Squeegee, we know that trying to keep your screens in perfect shape is simply impossible, and replacing them yourself can be even more difficult, especially if you don’t have the proper experience to do it properly. That’s why we’re here for your re-screening or screen repair needs, servicing the entire Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota Twin Cities area. Continue reading

Window & Door Cleaning and Rescreening Services Mendota Heights MN

Mn Window Rescreening ServicesSpring is in the air. You know what that means? Its time for Spring Cleaning to get your property looking the very best it possibly can. While you are busy airing out and sprucing up your Mendota Heights, MN home or office, let the pros at Sun Squeegee tackle the touch job of cleaning the dust, dirt, grime and smudges off of the windows and doors. Continue reading

Window & Door Rescreening Services Mpls/St Paul

Mn Window Rescreening ServicesSpring is here and now is the time to get a head start to keep the bugs from entering your home or business. Your screen doors and windows offer your interior space the best protection against the invasion of pesky insects, while allowing you to welcome fresh air into your home or business. The best way to stay ahead of the bugs is to be sure your door and window screens are ready for the warmer weather with help from the pros at Sun Squeegee serving customers in the Minneapolis, St. Paul areas. Continue reading