Ceiling Fan and Chandelier Cleaning Bloomington

Ceiling Fan and Chandelier Cleaning BloomingtonDon’t you ever wish that you had go-go-gadget arms when you try and clean up? Honestly, when you are trying to do everything on your own, it gets a little complicated. When you first move into a home or business with high, vaulted ceilings, it’s a huge selling point. Why? Well, it’s beautiful and elegant. What is NOT beautiful and elegant is when you’ve been there for a while and can’t ever seem to reach those ceiling fans and chandeliers. At Sun Squeegee, we are a cleaning service specifically tailored to reaching those hard to reach spots like your ceiling fans and chandeliers. If you are in Bloomington, MN and your home or business office needs cleaning, we are the go-go-gadget arms that you have been missing out on.

Chandelier Light Fixture Cleaning

These days, chandeliers come in all shapes and sizes. Even if you can reach your chandelier, they can be very complicated to clean. Some of the glass and delicate features on the chandelier are hard to wipe down and make it shine. However, for our team of professionals, it’s a breeze. Our crew knows exactly how to clean a wide array of different chandeliers and light fixtures. We understand which products to use on each type of finishing. Nothing ever gets sprayed on and just wiped down with a rag. We are careful with all of the different finishes within your chandelier and even take note of the short wiring. We hand clean everything and wipe down the metallic finishes, glass finishes, and crystal using the correct product on each area. This is not new to us, either. We have been handling delicate light fixtures for over 7 years.

Ceiling Fan Cleaning

Your standard cleaning service will cover a lot, but rarely do they catch all of the dust and debris that collects on your ceiling fans. Ceiling fans are a staple in Bloomington, MN. They help to keep us cool in the summertime, and they circulate air in the winter to keep us warm. However, even if you are running your ceiling fans frequently, they can still collect tons of dust and gather cobwebs. Many people are so surprised by the amount of debris that is collected when looking up top. Don’t hurt yourself on a ladder. Let the professionals take care of this for you!

Sun Squeegee is a ceiling fan and chandelier cleaning service for Bloomington, MN. We are fully insured and very accustomed to doing this type of work regularly. If you want a spotless home with no streaks and all shine, call Sun Squeegee today at (651) 210-8368 or email us at info@sunsqueegee.com.

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