Chandelier Cleaning Bloomington MN

Interior Cleaning Service in MNHow do you clean a chandelier?  Very carefully, of course!  How many professional chandelier cleaners does it take to clean a chandelier in Bloomington MN?  The answer to that isn’t important, just let Sun Squeegee take care of this problem for you!

Have You Noticed Your Chandeliers Lately?

You won’t notice it right away, it takes time, but over a period of years and sometimes only months, the glass pieces of your chandeliers will begin to appear cloudy. Once you notice it, you’ll never stop seeing it, it’ll bug you daily until you finally make the decision to take the time to clean your dusty chandelier.

Do You Know How To Clean A Chandelier?

Can you reach that height? Do you have a ladder that is tall enough? Once you get up there, do you have a plan? How on earth will you even clean the chandelier?  There are so many small and intricate pieces to a chandelier, how long will the task of cleaning all the pieces take? And won’t your arms get tired from reaching so high for such a long time?  There are so many questions when faced with cleaning chandeliers!  And our answer is: Don’t worry about how to clean your chandelier! Just call the pros at Sun Squeegee.

The Easy Way To Clean A Chandelier

There’s really no reason for you to try to figure out exactly how you are going to manage to safely clean the chandelier in your Bloomington MN home or business. Leave all of that worry to the professional chandelier cleaning team at Sun Squeegee. Since 2008, our professional Bloomington MN chandelier cleaning team has carefully hand cleaned just about every type, shape, and size of chandelier for homes and business in the greater St. Paul MN area.

Professional Chandelier Cleaners Have All The Answers

A chandelier is a fixture that is meant to be admired and enjoyed, so don’t waste energy stressing about how you are going to bring back its original sparkle and shine. The professional chandelier cleaners at Sun Squeegee have got all the proper equipment and tools that are needed to get to your hard-to-reach chandeliers and light fixtures. We’ll take the time that is needed to hand clean each piece of crystal, all the metallic finishes, and every bulb. We avoid causing damage to your fixtures by never using spray cleaners for cleaning.

Give Your Chandelier The White Glove Treatment

When you look up and see that your chandelier has lost its sparkle, its time to call the Bloomington MN chandelier cleaning service professionals at Sun Squeegee. If you are ready to give your fixtures the white glove treatment, call us at (651) 210-8368.

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