Chandeliers, Ceiling Fan & Mirror Cleaning Company MN

Chandeliers, Ceiling Fan & Mirror Cleaning Company MNWho among us enjoys the task of carefully cleaning Chandeliers, Ceiling Fans & Mirrors? It is a job that is often times best left for a Professional Cleaning Company that has the skills and equipment necessary to finish the job to near perfection. The experts at Sun Squeegee pride themselves on the meticulous work of carefully cleaning glass and other fine surfaces to bring out a superior finish. Our Superior Cleaning Techniques are what set us apart from other Minnesota Cleaning Companies.

Glass Chandeliers & Antique Mirrors

Whether your home or business if filled with brand new fixtures and mirrors or cherished family heirlooms, you probably care a great deal about the way in which they are cleaned. Replacing a Beautiful Glass Chandelier or Antique Mirror may not even be an option. This is why special care is given to protect, preserve and honor these valuable assets.

Sun Squeegee, cleaning professionals appreciate the monetary and emotional value of our client’s most prized possessions. We offer superior cleaning services that can remove dust, fingerprints, smudges and grime without damaging the fragile surface. Glass Fixtures, Chandeliers and Mirrors that are located high up in a grand entryway for example, will receive the same careful detailing as objects that are located in a less precarious and easy to reach location.

Commercial Chandeliers | Ceiling Fans | Mirrors

Commercial Businesses both large and small have to rely on a high rate of customer satisfaction in order to make it in this competitive market. Maintaining a clean environment is an important piece of the puzzle. Success may come down to the overall impression that individuals get when they first walk in or spend time in your facility.

Cobwebs and dirty windows can convey a lack of respect for your property, your employees and clients. The team at Sun Squeegee are dedicated to making a difference by providing a superior clean without the hassle. Great care is given to protect and enhance the image of your business, one pane or mirror at a time.

• Ceiling Fans
• Glass Walls
• Wall of Mirrors
• Grand Accent Windows
• Bathroom or Locker Room Mirrors
• Elevated Chandelier Light Fixtures

Superior MN Cleaning Company

A Superior Cleaning Company should provide superior results no matter who the client is. Customer service and customer satisfaction are the cornerstones of success for Sun Squeegee. We understand that our commercial and residential clients would rather be doing something besides cleaning hard to reach Ceiling Fans, Mirrors and Chandeliers. We also understand that they also want the job to be done as good as or dare I say much better than they could do themselves. This is why we do what we do and we do it very well.

Contact Sun Squeegee for sparkling clean chandeliers, ceiling fans, windows and mirrors at (651) 210-8368.

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