Chandeliers, Ceiling Fans & Mirror Cleaning Company MN

Ceiling Fan Cleaning MplsAre dust bunnies hanging from your chandeliers? Have you noticed spiderweb build up around your ceiling fans and mirrors? These hard to reach areas need to be cleaned regularly just like other parts of your home. Unfortunately, people often overlook cleaning these items because they either lack the equipment to clean them or they can’t reach high enough to clean them properly. At Sun Squeegee, we are a professional cleaning company in MN that specializes in cleaning chandeliers, ceiling fans & mirrors for both residential and commercial locations.

Chandeliers, Ceiling Fans & Mirror Cleaning Company

These accent appliances can be very expensive, so it is important that you get them cleaned regularly. Not addressing dust buildup on these items can harm individuals that have issues with allergies. Sign up for a spring and fall cleaning from our superior cleaning company so that we can have your chandeliers, ceiling fans & mirrors squeaky clean for the holiday seasons. Our expert cleaning team focuses on cleaning these hard to reach areas in the following ways:

  • Chandeliers – Tackling the cleaning of your chandeliers is not a project you should attempt to handle on your own. Let our professionals hand clean and wipe down every inch of the chandelier with the proper cleaning chemicals. We never spray clean and have been safely handling these sensitive pieces since 2008.
  • Ceiling Fans – Have you ever looked on top of the arms of a ceiling fan and noticed how much dust has built up? These ceiling fans are wonderful to have around year around and they are great at circulating air, as long as they are clean. Let our fully insured cleaning crew hop on our ladders and clean your ceiling fans so that the dust build up disappears!
  • Mirrors – Strategically placed mirrors can really bring a room together in a residential home or commercial building. Often times, our customers tell us about their failed attempts at cleaning these mirrors. Leaving streaks is a common frustration that we hear. At Sun Squeegee, we’ll clean all of your mirrors and will ensure that they are left streak free. Let us handle your mirror cleaning so that you can focus more on the easier cleaning projects around your property.

So, if you are ready for the hard to reach areas of your home or office in MN to be professionally cleaned, look no further than Sun Squeegee. Specializing in cleaning chandeliers, ceiling fans & mirrors, we’ll have your property shining bright like a diamond in no time! Give us a call today at (651) 210-8368 or email to learn more about our superior cleaning services.

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