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Real Estate Cleaning ServiceThere are many approaches to selling a home. And as long as the home is sold at a price and in the timeline that makes everyone happy, the approach was effective. One thing that potential buyers will definitely not complain about is cleanliness. A home that is put on the market would always benefit from a thorough cleaning and Sun Squeegee is experienced in partnering with Minnesota Realtors and Real Estate Companies to aid in staging a home. Our cleaning experts are familiar with cleaning homes for sale in Minnesota and know all the right points to hit. We can help you get the properties you work with at its highest potential for an elegant welcome into the local real-estate market.

Cleaning Services for Residential & Commercial Properties on the Market

Make your property listings stand out with the help of our professional cleaners. We know how to highlight the selling points of a property, which will invite another to see themselves comfortably in the space. We work with properties that are new, old, have been remodeled and anywhere in-between. The first two weeks on the housing market is the most important, make it count by outshining other local properties with a professional clean.

Real Estate Cleaning Services Include:

  • Window Washing – Windows are a big investment on a home and cleaning them will allow more natural sunlight inside, which is always a positive and makes the space look bigger.
  • Window Rescreening – Windows without screens aren’t very functional, don’t scare potential buyers away due to small needed repairs. We can replace any screens at an affordable price, well worth your time when trying to sell a home or business property.
  • Gutter Cleaning – All gutters look better and function better when clean, whether they are brand-new, seamless gutters or timelessly aged with the house. Properties take a lot of work and the last thing a potential buyer wants to see is a mess they are going to pay for and will have to clean later.
  • Power Washing – Nothing stays new forever. However, we can help you lift years off of your property and get it ready to be the focus of many eyes. Even if your property is well worth the asking price, if it is not move-in-ready (to the potential buyer) they may offer a lower price, even just due to cleanliness alone.
  • Indoor Cleaning – No one likes to see smudges on mirrors above the sink, even though they are part of life or dust collecting on an unused fan or light fixture. Our cleaning experts can help cross the T’s and dot the I’s when putting a property on the market.

Keep your property on the market looking sharp and partner with Sun Squeegee, Contact us today at 651-210-8368.




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