Cleaning Services for Property Managers in St. Paul/Mpls

Cleaning Services for Property Managers St. Paul/Mpls“A clean home is a happy home.” Did your mother or teacher ever tell you that growing up? Well, you should always listen to your mother and your teacher! A clean space can make you healthier, both physically and emotionally. For professional routine cleaning services for properties in Twin Cities, Sun Squeegee is the only name you need to know! Offering both residential and commercial cleaning services in the St. Paul/Mpls area, we can clean your property from top to bottom, leaving you with a healthier and happier environment.

Commercial Cleaning Services Mpls/St Paul

If you own a business or a commercial property, it’s important to keep it looking presentable. Commercial properties like breweries, pubs, hair salons, restaurants, and fitness studios often have a lot of windows, glass and other hard surface spaces that make it difficult to keep clean. Fingerprints, smudges and general dust makes it hard to escape the wrath of an ugly surface. Sun Squeegee can take care of this problem for you with pristine cleaning and excellent technique.

Apartment Cleaning Services Mpls/St Paul

Whether you are a tenant or a property manager, finding someone to clean those hard to reach spaces can be difficult. Ceiling fans are a must in Minnesota. They keep us cool in the summer and help to circulate the air in the winter. Unfortunately, they easily gain dust and cobwebs, especially if they are up high and aren’t being used as frequently. We will clean this hot ticket item so that it sparkles like new. This means no more dangerous climbs up a rickety ladder to get to those hard to reach spots!

Town Home Cleaning Services Mpls/St Paul

Speaking of the rickety ladder, have you tried to clean your chandelier light fixtures in your town home lately? Please, please don’t! Chandeliers are easily breakable and can be very hard to access if you don’t have the right equipment. We specialize in techniques for cleaning hard to reach spaces, often times within a town home, and we will clean your chandelier safely with the proper cleaning supplies for the type of fixture you have. We can also help to replace your light fixtures that may have previously burnt out.

No matter what type of cleaning services you may need, Sun Squeegee can get it done for you. We offer professional routine cleaning services for properties in Twin Cities. For more information about our St. Paul/Mpls cleaning services or to get a free estimate today, call us at (651) 210-8668 or email us at

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