Commercial Cleaning Company St. Paul

Commercial Cleaning Company St. PaulAs a commercial property owner, it’s important to keep your property clean. Commercial properties come in all different shapes and sizes. Small spaces, large spaces, tall spaces, tight spaces…we don’t discriminate at Sun Squeegee. If your commercial property is in St. Paul, MN, Sun Squeegee will come and clean it from top to bottom, and by top, we mean the very tip top!  No space will be left unclean!

Chandelier & Light Fixture Cleaning

No matter how much a regular cleaning crew will charge, they will not be able to routinely clean those pesky spots that constantly build up dust. Chandeliers, ceiling fans, specialty light fixtures and even some mirrors can really get expensive. Why would you let those items get dirty? Let them shine in your home! Our professionals have the right tools and equipment to gently clean your property, no matter how tall your fixtures may be. We access those hard to reach spaces by using a proper ladder that fits the appropriate height. Once we reach your fixture, we use the proper cleaning supplies and gently wipe the surface clean. This means that all of your chandeliers and light fixtures will look pristine once again.

Mirror Cleaning

If your commercial property comes with a vast amount of mirrors, it can be difficult to get them spotless. Mirrors are a wonderful and useful way to dress up a space and make the look larger. Hair salons, fitness studios and other commercial properties use mirrors more as a functional purpose. Sun Squeegee is very familiar with mirror cleaning and will leave your mirrors streak free every time. We have the perfect window cleaning solution and experienced staff to leave all of the mirrors in your building looking spotless.

Window Washing

We couldn’t write about our commercial cleaning services in St. Paul without talking about our window washing. Window washing is our specialty. We are a premier window washing company that does a meticulous job hand cleaning every window on your property. All of the screens are removed and cleaned, every window is hand washed, all of the sills and edges are washed and dried, and then we replace all the screens once we are done. We choose to hand wash instead of spray as it leaves your windows spotless every time.

Sun Squeegee offers so much in regards to commercial cleaning services in St. Paul. If you are in search of a commercial cleaning service, call us today and get your free estimate! Contact us now at (651) 210-8368, or email us at

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