Commercial window Cleaning Company

When it comes to commercial window cleaning companies in St. Paul, Minnesota, there is no other than Sun Squeegee. We have the best team in the industry and we make sure that all of our jobs are done to the highest standards. We hand wash all windows leaving them sparkling.

When it comes to spring tasks window washing is not only time consuming but can be extremely difficult. Windows are often in hard to reach places and it is hard to wash them from inside and outside. As you cannot often clean windows in the winter time, you have to wait until it is above freezing and therefore spring is the perfect time to get your home back in tip top shape. When it comes to making your windows as clean as possible we are here for you.

Customer satisfaction is number one for us, which is why our team doesn’t just strive to exceed your expectations; we guarantee that you will be 100% happy with the services and results we provide. One of the ways we achieve our quality goals is by utilizing our proven cleaning process, which can help us clean up to three stories. We have high standards and have a step by step system to ensure you that each job is done right.

Spray washing is a cleaning method that is oftentimes used by other cleaning companies, this method is only used to save time but does not deliver the cleanest windows. It only removes some of the dirt and most of the time water drops are left behind on the windows. If you are going to pay for a service you are going to want it to be done right and you want your windows to be cleaner looking after they are finished then before. Afterall that is the entire purpose.

If you notice a “professional” company offering spray washing services you can rest assured that they will leave your window in a condition that is less than to be desired. Don’t be fooled by their prices, spray washing leaves you with less than impressive, poorly cleaned windows.

Our company provides the best window washing service in all of St. Paul. We take pride in the work we do and that is why we make sure each job is done right. If you are going to pay for a service make sure you are investing in something of high quality. Hand washing windows is the only way to leave your windows spotless and perfectly clear. Contact us to receive a free window washing estimate. Our residential and commercial window cleaning services are available to customers located throughout the St. Paul, Minnesota and Twin Cities area.

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