Commercial Window Cleaning Minneapolis

Minneapolis Commercial Exterior CleaningFirst impressions can mean a lot to a company or business. It can potentially even make or break a large deal. While you still want to impress your prospective clients with the actual quality of work you do, it’s important to remember that first impressions count. At Sun Squeegee, we are a smaller company that realizes the same things and works towards these same goals in everything that we do. We strive to make not only a good first impression, but consistently impress our clients with our unwavering work. If you are looking for a commercial window washing company in Minneapolis, we will leave you with quality work so that you can too, give off a great first impression with beautiful, clean windows.

Affordable, Competitive, and Reliable

Check our references! As a smaller company, being reliable, competitively priced, and accommodating to your company’s schedule is crucial. We do an excellent job at being a commercial window washing company in Minneapolis that you can depend on. Everything we do is designed to give you a great experience with our staff and ultimately a great result. Our prices are affordable and competitively matched with our competitors. Before choosing any commercial window washing company in Minneapolis, it’s important to check references! We would be delighted to give you ours and showcase our happy clients and their beautifully clean windows.

Commercial Window Washing Company Minneapolis

So how does a smaller company survive? We make some nice first and last impressions! During our visit we remove all of the screens from the windows, cleaning them and wiping them down. All of the windows on all levels of the business are hand washed. The windows and sills are scrubbed with soap and water and then dried with a towel and a squeegee. The screens are then replaced once everything is clean. Nothing beats a hand washed window and a job well done.

Reliable Window Washing Services

We have a tremendous amount of experience as a commercial window washing company in Minneapolis. We know that discretion when cleaning is the best type of impression we can make sometimes. Therefore, our team members will often go unseen so that you can maintain your commercial environment. We take pride in our professionalism and quality of work we produce as a reliable company in the area.

For more information on Sun Squeegee and our competitive pricing in Minneapolis, please call us today at (651) 210-8368 or feel free to email your requests at

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