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Eden Prairie Gutter CleaningSun Squeegee near Eden Prairie, Minnesota, is a leading gutter-cleaning company in the area.  Whether you like the snowy winter, blustery spring, heavy summer rain, or changing leaves of autumn, you cannot deny that Minnesota weather can be extreme.  One consequence of extreme weather is that the exterior of our homes take a beating.  In each of the seasons, your gutters can and will get clogged.  The problems that can arise as a result of clogged gutters may not strike a new homeowner as terribly serious, but if you have owned a home for awhile, you know that clogged gutters are problematic in a number of ways.

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If your gutters get clogged with snow and ice, what is created is called a snow dam, or gutter dam, which forces moisture under the shingles of your roof.  When that frozen precipitation comes in contact with the warm air of your house’s interior, you instantly have a leak inside your house.  If you are lucky, you will see the evidence of indoor leaks.  If you are not so lucky, that water will do damage without your knowledge.  If you seek out the help of Sun Squeegee, you can avoid those problems altogether by having the Sun Squeegee staff clean out your gutters on a regular basis.

What is described above is what can happen with excess snow and ice building up in your gutters.  Most residents of Minnesota already know what snow and ice buildup in gutters can cause because, well, they are Minnesotans.  Snow and ice are part and parcel of living in a cold weather state. However, not everyone knows that the other seasons can be equally hard on your house.  In the fall, Eden Prairie’s trees lose their leaves and drop their needles just like they do in other parts of the country.  That debris builds up in gutters with even less obviousness and therefore clogs can occur without your even thinking about it.

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In the summer, when the rains come, leaves and branches buildup in gutters.  It may happen more slowly during the warmer weather months, but that just means that it is easier to lose sight of the fact that your gutters are clogging.  Sun Squeegee can help you avoid all of the problems that come with clogged gutters.  The staff does a great job of clearing out the debris and repairing any damage that might have been caused to your home or business.  Sun Squeegee is the gutter cleaning professional you should count on to clean your gutters and avert subtle disaster.  Sun Squeegee is the gutter cleaning company Eden Prairie has come to rely on.  Call Sun Squeegee at (651) 210-8368 to set up a time for fall and spring gutter cleaning.

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