Exterior Cleaning Company Brooklyn Park

Exterior Cleaning Company Brooklyn ParkBrooklyn Park, MN is a beautiful place to live. It’s got gorgeous sidewalks, beautiful trees, entertaining parks, and it is flourishing with businesses. Is there really a downside? While the amenities of Brooklyn Park, MN are magnificent, let’s not forget what the beautiful trees and gorgeous landscaping gives us. Can you take a guess? The season is right around the corner….Hello, fall! Fall means leaves, and we aren’t talking like a little pile in your yard for your kids to jump in. We are talking about gusting winds that carry these leaves into your gutters and onto the window seals of your home. A backed up gutter system and rotting leaves on your window can really put a damper on all the beautiful things that Brooklyn Park has to offer. Sun Squeegee provides exterior cleaning services for home and business owners in Brooklyn Park, MN. We will clean your gutters and wash those windows so you can get back to the oohing and ahhing of your beautiful city.

Gutter Cleaning

There’s nothing more dangerous than a clumsy homeowner on a mission to save a buck. Folks, cleaning a dirty gutter is not a DIY job. Let the professionals handle it! All too often we hear horror stories of homeowners falling off of the ladder and getting injured. It’s just not worth it. At Sun Squeegee, we perform both residential and commercial gutter cleaning services to those that need it. We have tools, and the knowledge necessary to get the job done, quickly and safely. Having clogged gutters can be bad news bears in the fall, but it can be detrimental to your home in the winter. Our team of professionals will blow off your roof, clear your gutter systems completely, and then clear the ground of the debris we may have caused.

Window Washing

Nothing says beautiful like a clean window. We aren’t called Sun Squeegee for nothing, right? We specialize in both interior and exterior cleaning of windows for both residential and commercial properties. During the process, all the screens are removed and cleaned, every single window is hand washed and scrubbed with soap and water, then everything is dried with a towel and everything is once again placed back where it belongs. This process makes your windows beautiful and sparkling for weeks to come.

If you need any exterior cleaning services for your home or business in Brooklyn Park, MN, call Sun Squeegee today at (651) 210-8368 or send us an email at info@sunqueegee.com.

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