Gutter Cleaning Ice Dam Removals

Gutter cleaning is an important part of maintaining your home or property, although most people think that spring and fall are the only two times that a gutter needs to be clogged, in fact many times in the winter months ice dams can pose a big threat to the proper snow melt and water drainage. Gutter cleaning can be dangerous and time consuming, and especially in the winter time your roof can become extremely slippery posing even more than the usual dangers. That is why, if you need help cleaning your gutters, hiring a professional is a great idea and Sun Squeegee is here for you!

Ice Dam Removal is a difficult task and if you live in St. Paul Sun Squeegee is here to provide you with excellent service. Minnesota winters can be harsh and this year has been especially cold. With the cold temps, ice build up is almost unstoppable and you most likely will experience it around your property including your gutters.

Ice Dam Buildup

During the winter months, snow accumulates on roofs and with the cycle of melting during the warm days and refreezing at night, this results in ice build up in the gutters and on your roof. Oftentimes the outside air temperature along with the temperature of the attic can cause melting. If your attic stores heat due to not being properly insulated or ventilated, this can be extremely damaging to your home. Oftentimes the water will run off the roof into the cold gutters and refreeze. This ice then forms a line, or “dam,” at the edge of the roof. As more snow melts, it also freezes when it gets to the “ice dam,” and the dam keeps getting bigger.

Ice Dam Damages

When the ice dam in your gutters grows and becomes large, the melted snow that pools up can force its way out of the gutters, back onto the roof and can leak into your home. This can damage your roof, the structure of your house and possibly cause mold.

Snow removal is not as easy as DIY. Most people try to tackle the problem by shoveling snow and chipping the ice. This method can cause you to damage your home, your roof and can also threaten your life. The major problem is ignoring the problem, and therefore allowing the ice to build up and cause major issues.

Professional Ice Dam Removal

Ice dam removal can not only be harmful to your home, but can possibly be incredibly dangerous. That is why it is very important to contact a professional to help you with your snow and ice removal and help prevent ice dams from ruining your home.

If you want to protect your roof and home with snow and ice dam removal, Minnesota Sun Squeegee is the place to call. We have 10 years of experience and want to help you keep your home away from experiencing serious damage. Give us a call today and allow us to help you safely remove ice dams in your gutters.

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