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Residential & Commercial Cleaning Service St. PaulAhhh, the fall. The leaves change colors, the temperature drops, and those beautiful, big trees begin to let those foliage leaves take flight with the wind. Fall is one of the most beautiful times of the year in Minnetonka, MN. The weather is cooling down, the humidity is dissipating, and our gutters are getting more and more clogged so that water can’t get out. Next thing you know, your roof caves in this winter from ice dams. Wait…what? Was that not a pretty picture? Sorry to be blunt but as we recognize the beauty of the fall, we should pay attention to what also needs to be done this season. At Sun Squeegee, we take those clogged up gutters and clean them until they are spic and span. If you are looking for gutter cleaning professionals in the Minnetonka, MN area, look no further than Sun Squeegee.

The Good, Bad, and The Ugly of Gutters

So what is so nice about gutters anyways? While you never really notice gutters unless they’re not functioning well, gutters basically keep your house standing and your roof from caving in. They allow for proper filtration after any precipitation falls onto your roof. Their biggest role during the winter months is allowing the ice and snow to melt and properly drain off of the roof. So, here’s the bad part. Gutters are extremely susceptible to getting debris stuck in them. While they work great when they are clean and clear, their performance quickly comes to a halt when they’re clogged. Now here’s the ugly truth. If you do not decide to clean your gutters and a major clog occurs, the water will have no place to go, leading to back ups, ice dams in the winter, and ultimately a damaged or even collapsed roof. So where do you go from here?

Sun Squeegee – Your Minnetonka Gutter Cleaning Company

At Sun Squeegee, we understand that the changing of seasons can mean a lot of dirt and debris blown into your gutter systems. This is why our most popular gutter season cleanings are done in the fall and spring. As gutter cleaning professionals, we are specialists that are trained and skilled to go up and clean your gutter and downspout systems. We have all of the right equipment and tools to reach difficult heights and angles that gutters sometimes have. Our team will blow off your roof and gutter debris. We will then clear all of the gutters and downspouts squeaky clean. Lastly, we clean all of the debris that may have fallen onto your property, so that you are left to enjoy your beautiful fall home again.

If you live in Minnetonka, MN and you are looking for a gutter cleaning company that does good and honest work, call Sun Squeegee today. Our gutter cleaning professionals are waiting! Contact us today at (651) 210-8368 or send us an email at

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