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Home AdvisorLet’s say your car was extremely dirty. We aren’t talking one dirt road down a Minnesota hill, we are talking mudding and then icing and it hasn’t been washed in a year. Shew, that’s one dirty car! So you decide to take your car to a car wash and there’s two beside each other. One of them is your run of the mill wash where you put a quarter in and it washes as you drive thru. The other option is a custom car wash place that greets you at your window, inspects the cleaning needs of your vehicle and then hand washes and dries it to perfection. Which one would you choose? Okay, now think about your house. It’s gone through so much. Icy winters, hot and muggy summers, your windows look like they’ve been mudding! Are you going to just get someone to spray it down and give it a rinse? No! You will want someone to take the time, look at your window needs, and then carefully hand wash and dry it to perfection! At Sun Squeegee, we are your hand window washing company in Minnesota that cares about your results and always provides you with a perfect shine.

100% Satisfaction

For most companies, it is hard to say that every customer is 100% satisfied. In today’s world, there are so many different standards as to what is clean and what just isn’t good enough. At Sun Squeegee, we are so meticulous with our work, it’s easy for all of our customers to be satisfied. In order to get immaculate results every time, we have a quality process that we work hard to follow. Our process goes like this:

● Screen Removal – Our first step in hand window washing is removing all of the screens. We remove them, clean them, and then wipe them down dry.
● Hand Wash – Secondly, all of the windows are hand washed. We can wash up to three stories tall and clean with scrutiny.
● Deep Cleaning – Third, all of the windows and window sills are scrubbed vigorously with soap and water. This is so we can get a deep cleaning, not just the superficial wipe down others may do.
● Streak-free Drying – Next we will dry all of the sills and edges with a towel and then dry the windows ever so carefully with a squeegee. This helps to prevent streaking and gives you windows that you can walk right into (sorry about that).
● Back in Place – Lastly, all the screens are replaced back where they belong and you can finally smile ear to ear.

If your windows in Minnesota need some serious washing, let Sun Squeegee handle the dirty work. Don’t pick some lousy company that will put a pressure washer on your windows, ruining the seal and still not giving you the results you need. Let Sun Squeegee be your premier hand window washing company that covers all of your window washing needs. For more information, give us a call today at (651) 829-8912 or send us an email at info@sunsqueegee.com.

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