Hand Window Washing Company

Hand Window Washing CompanyWashing windows can be as time consuming or quick as you’d like, especially if you only wash the glass and leave your screens and window sills to gather dust and grime. But what about when you simply can’t wait any longer, and you need to clean you windows for top to bottom? The entire cleaning process can take hours, even if you have help, and it will probably be the only thing you can accomplish in one day. Instead of spending hours or days washing your windows yourself, why not call in the professionals? At Sun Squeegee, we wash windows for homeowners all over the Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota area, specializing in washing windows by hand inside and out.

Why Choose Hand-Washed Windows over Spray Washing?

When you shop around for a good window washing company, you’ll see plenty of advertisements for spray wash window washing that promises you a quick and easy window cleaning service. It’s true that spray washing windows is faster than hand washing, but what those advertisements don’t say is that washing windows by hand leaves windows cleaner all around without water marks and leftover soap residue. By choosing to have your windows hand washed rather than spray washed, you’re making the choice to have cleaner, clearer windows without water spot stains. So you tell us: cleaner windows, or a faster, less effective cleaning process that leaves your windows looking speckled?

Meticulous Minneapolis and St. Paul Window Washing Company

When you call on the team at Sun Squeegee to hand wash your windows, you’re enlisting a window washing company that takes pride in making your home look pristinely clean. We’ll go above and beyond, ensuring we leave you with the cleanest windows your home has ever seen. We’ll run through the entire window cleaning process from top to bottom, starting with removing, hand washing, and drying your screens, and cleaning your window sills with soap and water to make sure we get ever speck of dirt and dust. When we move onto hand washing your windows, we’ll wipe clear every water droplet with a squeegee so that your windows are shining and clear.

For a complete window cleaning that will make you wonder why you ever cleaned your windows yourself, contact Sun Squeegee. We won’t leave your home until we’ve washed your windows to meet your standards and our own, making sure that every surface of your windows is completely clean. If you’re living in the St. Paul or Minneapolis, Minnesota Twin Cities area, there’s no better window cleaning company for you to call. With our hand wash window washing services, you absolutely can’t go wrong, and you’ll never wonder whether you should have your windows spray washed or hand washed again. Call us today at 651-210-8368, or send an email to info@sunsqueegee.com to see the difference window washing by hand can make.

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