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Window Washing Service MNHomeowners in Edina MN put a lot of time, energy, and money into maintaining their homes. After all the effort that goes into home maintenance and curb appeal, some Edina homeowners overlook regular window cleaning, or consider it to be an unnecessary expense.  Professional window washing services aren’t used only by commercial properties, their services are also used by residential homeowners.  Let Sun Squeegee share the value and importance of maintaining crystal clear, sparkling windows in your Edina MN home.

Does My Edina Home Need Window Cleaning?

Chances are, yes, your Edina home does need professional window cleaning services. Take a look outside from the inside of your home and you may realize that you’re viewing the world through a film of cloudiness. Over time, dust, grime, and handprints could the interior of your home’s windows, while rain, snow, wind, and mother nature’s other various offerings work to cloud the outside of windows. Without you even realizing it, your home’s screens also eventually darken your view as they collect dirtiness.

Professional Window Cleaning Service In Edina

Here is what the professional hand cleaning process at Sun Squeegee includes:

  • Screens are removed, cleaned, then replaced
  • Windows on all levels are hand washed and dried
  • Window sills are hand cleaned and dried

Sun Squeegee is also proud to offer other cleaning services for your Edina  home that include:

  • Chandelier, interior lighting, and ceiling fan cleaning
  • Mirror Cleaning
  • Skylight Cleaning

Our experienced, professional window washing crew takes great pride in their work, which is why we are able to guarantee that you will be 100% satisfied with our services.

What Are The Benefits To Using A Professional Window Washing Service?

We know families are busy and would rather not spend their free hours cleaning windows and screens. The professional window washers at Sun Squeegee take the time that is needed to hand clean your windows thoroughly and properly.  Many owners of Edina MN homes simply have too many windows to handle themselves. Others don’t want to take the risk of climbing a ladder to reach 2nd and 3rd story windows.

Don’t Neglect Your Edina Home

Call Sun Squeegee today and find out why your Edina neighbors have been relying on our regular professional window washing services to maintain the beauty of their homes.  Please call us at 651-210-8368 or reach us by email at info@sunsqueegee.com to schedule a free estimate.

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