Ice Dam Prevention

Do you need help cleaning out your gutters? Are you noticing water build-up, and ice damming in these cold conditions? Sun Squeegee is here to help you keep your exterior clean and prevent further damage to your home.

It is getting colder in Minnesota, and with the cold weather and the leaf build up from our deciduous trees, ice can create problems for your gutters and greater damage for your home. Located in St. Paul, Minnesota we serve not only the city but the general twin cities.

If you live in Minnesota, you understand the harsh winters we experience. Many homeowners have issues with their gutters in winter, usually with ice damming. Although it might not seem like a pressing issue, if you do not prevent ice damming you can possibly cause serious damage to your roof, as well as the structure of your home. The best way to help prevent ice damming is by proper insulation, ventilation and cleaning your gutters out so that water can properly flow and not get stuck.

If you live in an area where your house is surrounded by trees and you haven’t cleaned out your gutters this season there is a good chance that your gutters are going to need to be cleaned out. If you take a look at your roof and you notice ice in your gutters, it is an indication that you may have backup that could cause bigger problems.

Ice dam build-up for your gutters, whether commercial or residential can have lasting problems on your home. Gutters can be extremely hard to clean, especially when you have ice build-up. In the winter time, roofs become slippery and dangerous. Hiring professionals will help promise that the job will get done, safely and efficiently. Our team has years of experience and has been able to serve St. Paul to help keep their home functioning properly, and also keep your life simpler.

We work hard to clean both gutters and your downspouts to create a good flow so that water doesn’t get stuck. Save time and stay safe when it comes to cleaning your gutters by working with our highly-skilled team of professionals. Contact our team today. Our specialists are ready to provide complete gutter and downspout cleaning services to customers located throughout the St. Paul, Minnesota and Twin Cities area. Give us a call today at (651) 210-8368.

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