Interior & Exterior Window Washing

There’s nothing worse than realizing that, even after having your windows professionally cleaned, they’re still not shining the way you’d like them to. Even when you take a cloth and shine your windows with your own elbow grease, it sometimes isn’t enough to get the effect you want. Why is that? Because you likely aren’t using the right cleaning materials, or you’re not cleaning the right parts of your windows! At Sun Squeegee, we know that there’s more to window washing than scrubbing down a pane of glass with some soap and water or a choice glass cleaner. That’s why we provide interior and exterior window washing services in St. Paul, South St. Paul, and Highland Park, Minnesota, helping homeowners find a professional Twin Cities window washing company that will leave homes shining every time. This time, when you go to wash your windows or call someone else to do it for you, save yourself the time, money and regret, and call Sun Squeegee instead!

Benefits of Hand-Washing Windows

When looking for a good Minnesota window washing company, you may come across a number of spray wash window washing companies that could look ideal based on the promise of a quick, hassle-free window washing. However, when you hear “quick window washing,” it doesn’t always mean you’ll also get a thorough window washing. In fact, when spray washing windows, it’s likely that you’ll be dissatisfied with the outcome, as your windows will often be left with leftover dirt, grime, and water spots. One huge benefit of hand washing windows is that you can be sure you’ll have clean, clear windows every time, especially when you work with Sun Squeegee. We clean the inside and outside of windows, and we’ll be sure that no water spots are left behind when we’ve finished so that you can look through clear panes of glass.

MN Interior & Exterior Window Washing Company

At Sun Squeegee, when we offer hand-washed window services, we really do mean hand-washed. That means that, when you hire our professional window washers, you’re getting a team that’s committed to making your windows beautiful again inside and out. By hand-washing your windows, we’ll be able to conduct a thorough window cleaning on each window of your home, beginning with your screens. We’ll remove, clean, and dry all window screens, clean all window sills with soap and water to remove every speck of dirt and grime, wash each window and wipe them clear of any water droplets until they’re dry, and finally replace your newly cleaned window screens. If you’re looking for a St. Paul, South St. Paul, or Highland Park, MN window washing company, contact Sun Squeegee today at 651-210-8368, or send an email to, and find out for yourself what a difference a hand-wash window washing company can make.

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