Light and Mirror Cleaning Services Twin Cities

Interior Cleaning Service in MNThe fine details within a Twin Cities home or business are what help to bring the look of your property together. Investing in appliances or accent pieces like a chandelier, custom lighting or decorative mirrors will help bring more personality to the interior of your house or office space. You may be wondering how you’ll be able to keep these items clean, and that is a legitimate question. The simple answer is to partner with our staff at Sun Squeegee, a Twin Cities professional cleaning provider that specializes in interior cleaning services.

Residential & Commercial Cleaning Company Twin Cities

Light fixtures and decorative mirrors are a large investment. Keeping them clean can be a daunting task especially if they are located in hard to reach areas. Our dedicated cleaning staff can tackle the cleaning around your residential or commercial light fixtures, ceiling fans and large mirrors so that they look immaculate when your visitors stop by. What good are beautiful accent appliances around your Twin Cities property if they aren’t clean? Keep the ladder in the closet and let our staff take this stressful task off of your plate!

Interior Cleaning Options

Our cleaning team offers the whole package at an affordable price when it comes to interior cleaning. Some of the expert cleaning services we provide our residential and commercial customers includes the following:

  • Light Fixture Cleaning – The detail behind light fixtures throughout your home or business can make it very difficult to clean. Our staff has the experience and tools to clean even the toughest to reach areas of your light fixtures.
  • Chandelier Cleaning – Chandeliers are often hung from the ceiling, making them difficult to reach. At Sun Squeegee, we come prepared with a ladder and will hand clean your entire chandelier so that it shines brightly! We’ve been performing chandelier cleaning services since 2008, so we have seen it all when it comes to tough to reach areas.
  • Mirror Cleaning – Sick of the smears and marks that are left behind on your mirrors after you try and clean them on your own? Our mirror cleaning specialists in the Twin Cities have mastered streak free mirror cleaning. No matter if your mirrors are big, small or hard to reach, we’ll have them looking clean in no time!

If you are sick of trying to clean your existing lights and mirrors, consider leaving this project up to the professionals. Specializing in residential and commercial light and mirror cleaning services in the Twin Cities area, our crew at Sun Squeegee is eager to help clean these hard to reach areas for you. Give us a call at (651) 210-8368 or email to request a free estimate today!

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