Minneapolis Residential Cleaning Company

Minneapolis Residential Cleaning CompanyThere are certain cleaning projects around the home that are just simply too difficult to complete on a regular basis.  Window washing, gutter cleaning, power washing, window re-screening, and cleaning chandeliers, ceiling fans and mirrors around the house take a lot of time and effort.  Sun Squeegee is a family owned business serving the Minneapolis, MN area that specializes in the difficult cleaning jobs around your home that are most often avoided at all cost.  Our team has nearly a decade of experience serving those in the Minneapolis area and stands behind each of our jobs with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Window Washing

The team at Sun Squeegee are experts in indoor and outdoor window washing. They will leave the windows of your home clean and streak-free.  Our team follows a rigorous window washing process which includes taking down (and cleaning) all screens, hand washing all windows, washing all window sills, and a complete drying process that will leave each of your windows streak-free.

Gutter Cleaning

Your gutters protect your home from expensive water damage. They send rainwater away from the foundation of your home.  Cleaning your gutters is a pain at best and can be dangerous without the right equipment.  Sun Squeegee can take this job off of your list and clean out all of the dirt and debris clogging your home’s gutter system.

Power Washing

Power washing is an inexpensive way to really make your home and property look it’s best.  Power washing can help remove all of the dirt and grime that builds up over time.  Sun Squeegee can power wash the exterior of your home, your driveway, your deck, garage floor, retaining walls, sidewalks and much more.

Window Re-screening

The team at Sun Squeegee can remove, clean and re-screen your screened doors and windows to give them a thorough clean.  You would be surprised how much dirt can accumulate on the screens and between the screens and the glass of your windows and doors and cleaning them periodically will allow more light into your home.

Interior Cleaning

There are certain, hard to reach areas inside the home that require special effort to clean.  Chandeliers, ceiling fans, mirrors are just a few of the items that Sun Squeegee can help you clean so that you can focus on other areas of your home.

Now is a great time to partner with Sun Squeegee on some residential cleaning projects that can really highlight the beauty of your home.  For more information about all of our residential cleaning services, call (651) 210-8368.

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