Partnering with Twin Cities Residential & Commercial Clients

Serving the Twin Cities community and Minnesota since 2008, Sun Squeegee is a cleaning company that specializes in performing window cleaning, power washing, gutter cleaning, and rescreening jobs for both residential as well as commercial customers. It doesn’t matter whether we are working on a new construction, an existing property, or helping you make your property presentable during a real estate transaction; our professional team is ready to provide our residential customers and commercial customers with the best services imaginable.

Residential Services for Your Home

Residential Cleaning Services St. Paul, MNYour home is very important to you, which is why it is also very important to us. At Sun Squeegee, we go above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that you are 100% satisfied with the residential services we provide to you from the very first knock. We are here to cater to those who appreciate quality and superior service and know that our team will always be able to deliver on-time services with superior communication and results.

From the moment we first meet with you, our specialists will make you feel right at home as we walk you through the different steps of your project and ensure that you have a transparent estimate covering all of the costs involved in your residential service.

How do we ensure such quality? On the day of service, our team will remove our shoes or place booties over our footwear, lay rugs below window frames, and place pads at the tops of our ladders to ensure that your floors and all wall surfaces are properly protected. Next, our experienced residential window cleaning specialists will ensure each and every window is hand-scrubbed and squeegee dried while paying attention to all of the edges and frames to ensure no streaking or spotting from occurring. Finally, when we are finished cleaning your windows, our team will perform an inspection to ensure you are 100% satisfied. This is backed by our superior service guarantee.

Services for Your Business

Commercial Cleaning Services for Your BusinessOur company considers ourselves an extension of your business when it comes to ensuring your building is clean and presentable. We know that a clean building with crystal clear windows, doors, mirrors and fixtures is imperative to the impression, environment, and customer experience you give your clientele. Our skilled team is capable of working on one, two, and three-story buildings, restaurants, strip malls, and storefronts. All of our commercial customers can expect our team to hand scrub each individual window and door and squeegee dry all edges. Frames are towel dried to ensure no streaking or spotting.

Our commercial window cleaning customers typically have their windows cleaned one to two times per month and minimally twice a year, usually in the spring and fall. We offer customizable, hassle-free window cleaning services and packages to make it easy for you and your company to afford and schedule the commercial services you require on your preferred dates. By setting this service up with our specialists you can rest easy knowing that your property will get the cleaning services it requires without having to setup appointments over and over again.

New Construction Service for Windows

New constructions can kick up a lot of dust, which can mean your brand-new windows might not look as pristine as you would like before presenting the final product to the owner. That is why our team is proud to work with many builders and construction companies to deliver world-class window cleaning services to their new constructions. We work with your cleaning schedule to ensure every job we perform is finished the right way and on time.

Working for you is our pleasure, but we know it is all about making your client happy. From start to finish, our team of skilled window washers are clean, neat, courteous, detailed, experienced, and safe to ensure both you and your clients are 100% satisfied with how your windows look when we are finished with them. You can turn to us when you want a team that can consistently deliver top-notch new construction window cleaning services.

Real Estate Cleaning Service

Real Estate Cleaning Service St. Paul, MNAdd quick value to your property with the help of our real estate cleaning service. We work with you to sell your home or business by providing you with the finest in window washing, power washing, rescreening, and gutter cleaning services. Not only do these things help your home or business to look better, but it also tells the buyer that you took pride in maintaining your property. This helps to build confidence as well as to eliminate concerns from potential buyers. The number one improvement you can make when trying to sell your property is to clean and de-clutter your home or business. Every $100 you spend on cleaning will bring you, on average, $400 additionally to your sale price. That is a 400% return on investment.

The effects of window cleaning can be drastic, but is often very subtle, which is why it can be so effective. When you remodel or replace something like a whole kitchen, yes your prospective buyers can easily see it, but they may or may not see the value in the upgrades you choose. With something as simple as window cleaning and power washing, however, it can be an indirect effect that makes the entire house or business more appealing. The buyer can better envision themselves living or working there. Our services help you improve the feeling of your home or business as well as aides in the emotional buying process for potential buyers.

Contact us for more information about how we are able to constantly impress our residential and commercial customers. Our services are available to those located throughout the St. Paul, Minnesota and Twin Cities area.


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