Professional Cleaning for Fitness Centers Minneapolis & St Paul

Sun Squeegee Service AreaThe Twin Cities is fortunate to have a large selection of fitness centers to choose from, with locations all around Minneapolis and St Paul it makes staying fit easier. One thing that should be taken into consideration is the cleanliness of the fitness center. They don’t call it a ‘work out’ for nothing and when equipment is being handled and used repeatedly by sweaty individuals it needs to be cleaned. Sun Squeegee provides fitness centers, gyms and spas professional cleaning services that can handle the hygiene needs of your location. Our cleaning professionals are certified to use hospital-grade disinfectants and the best commercial cleaning equipment. With our fitness center cleaning services you can rest assured knowing your gym is healthy and your patrons are happy.

Fitness Center, Gym & Spa Cleaning:

  • Workout Equipment Sanitation – When your customers are getting the most out of your services they are exerting themselves, burning calories and making sweat. This can all lead to rather unwelcoming conditions. Sitting in a chair that is still hot from the person before is one thing but getting on slim coated, stinky equipment will have anyone run away from your establishment. Our cleaning experts have cleaning agents that will effectively remove bacteria, germs and grim from the equipment and eliminate musky odors.
  • Disinfecting Locker Rooms – Ever heard of athlete’s foot? Worse yet, ever had athlete’s foot? The foot of an athlete commonly hits the locker room floors and that’s when the fungal infection spreads. Our cleaning experts can lower the risk of not just athlete’s foot but any other germs lurking around your locker room unannounced but waiting for their next host.
  • Front Lobby Cleaning– Appearances are important, especially in the highly competitive market of personal fitness. Not only do the people you hire have to represent the lifestyle your business is about but your facility must also portray the image. Streak free windows, fan and mirror cleaning should never be overlooked and they aren’t when you choose the professional cleaners at Sun Squeegee.

Fitness Center Cleaning Services Minneapolis/St Paul

Maintain a healthy environment for your fitness center, gym or spa by choosing Sun Squeegee. We clean with hospital-grade disinfects and our cleaning results reflect that. Contact us for Cleaning Services Online or call Sun Squeegee at 651-210-8368 to talk more about our comprehensive personal fitness location cleaning services.


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