Real Estate Cleaning Contractor Twin Cities, MN

Real Estate Cleaning ServiceDo you have a house on the market? First impressions go a long way when it comes to the real estate market. Make sure your Twin Cities, MN home is clean as can be by teaming up with our experienced cleaning professionals at Sun Squeegee. This day in age, it takes a lot to sell a home. By partnering with us it is easy to be sure the home you are selling is showroom ready every time with our reliable cleaning services.

Affordable Real Estate Cleaning Contracts

At Sun Squeegee, we understand that you may not have a lot of excess money available when your home is on the market. We strive to offer all of our real estate cleaning contracts at a fair price so that your home can be in pristine condition for all of its showings. All of our cleaning services come with a free estimate so you are never surprised by the costs. Especially this time of year, your home may have some dirt buildup from the winter months. With over 8 years of service to the Twin Cities community, we have the knowledge and experience to provide our customers the professional cleaning results that they deserve!

Cleaning Company Twin Cities MN

Dedicated to clean is what all of our staff members have in common. We specialize in a wide range of cleaning services that will help ensure your home is showroom ready. These services include:

  • Window Cleaning – Get rid of the marks on your windows and dirt buildup along your window sills. Our Sun Squeegee window cleaning focuses on hand washing your windows, sills, and screens so that the look of your windows are spotless!
  • Gutter Cleaning – Having gutters that are overtaken with leaves and debris is not a good look. Don’t risk getting injured on a ladder trying to tackle gutter cleaning on your own. Instead, let our gutter cleaning specialists provide you with a professional cleaning so that your home looks well maintained.
  • Power Washing – If the exterior of your home is dirty, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you need a new paint job. Instead, invest in our affordable power washing services to help bring back the original look of your home.
  • Hard to Reach Cleaning – Do you have any areas of the home that are too hard to reach when it comes to cleaning? At Sun Squeegee, we offer chandelier, ceiling fans and mirror cleanings throughout your home. These fine details are what really make a home pop, so it is important that you don’t overlook this type of cleaning.

Real Estate Cleaning Contractor Twin Cities MN

Before you set up any walkthroughs at your Twin Cities, MN home, team up with our staff at Sun Squeegee and let us provide you with our professional cleaning services. As a real estate cleaning contractor, we can get your home showroom ready at an affordable price. Give us a call today at (651) 210-8368 or email to request a free estimate.

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