Residential Spring Cleaning Services in Minneapolis & St Paul MN

Cleaning Services Minneapolis/St Paul MNSpring is in the air! Can you smell it? No. Not through the muck of winter, yet… Springtime is often bitter sweet for homeowners. On one hand, birds are chirping and flowers are blooming but the more one adventures, the more one sees what needs to be done all around the house. Lucky for you, you have found a dedicated Residential Spring Cleaning Company in the Twin Cities. You know that ‘spring cleaning checklist’? Hand it off to us! Sun Squeegee is a local twin cities cleaning company that specializes in window washing, gutter cleaning, power washing, chandelier cleaning, ceiling fan cleaning, mirror cleaning & on-site window re-screening. We can get a start on spring in your home, just call.

Celebrate the spring with the help of our professional cleaning services. Preventing home damages never looked so good!

Why Spring Clean?

Minnesota’s winters are brutal and every year we batten down the hatches…and then months go by. After a while they accumulate dust, grim, possibly insects and numerous other debris. There is a fresh sigh of relief when spring rolls around but what follows is a list of chores. If you would rather spend your time on something else, partner with our local Minnesota cleaners and your home doesn’t have to unravel because of it.

  • Window Cleaning: It’s time to let the sun shine through and our window cleaning services will do nothing less. Tall windows, hard to reach windows and even the dirtiest of windows are not turned away.
  • Power Wash: Does your residential exterior look old, gray and unused? It doesn’t have to. Our Power Washing Professionals have the right pressure gauges and skill set to ensure the outside of your home sparkles and shines.
  • Fan, Light Fixture, Picture & Mirror Cleaning: Do you use your fans in the winter? Some people do, some people don’t. Regardless, they get dusty, as does that light fixture, the pictures hanging on the wall and the mirrors all throughout the house.
  • Gutter Cleaning: Most people think fall when they think gutter cleaning. But that is surely not the case. Tree buds, helicopters, eventually leaves and in the meantime everything that can, will fall into your gutters. We offer affordable gutter cleaning services that can prevent damages and restore the look of your home and gutters.
  • Window Re-screening: Winter happens. If you open your windows and noticed an abundance of bugs flying around in the last couple of days, it may be a window screen tear. Some of the smallest tears can let in the biggest amount of nuisance.

Twin Cities Cleaning Service Schedule

Our services are not limited to just single family homes; we can clean all types of properties. Maybe you want to spruce up an apartment building, a townhome association, or a senior living facility. We can offer affordable weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or even seasonal cleaning services for your property. Our team of trusted cleaning professionals are thorough and conscientious of your property. To schedule a Residential Spring Cleaning Service in Minneapolis/St Paul, MN contact Sun Squeegee at (651) 210-8368.

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