Spring Window cleaning

St Paul Window Cleaning CompanyThe long St. Paul winter is finally winding down, and the grips of winter are loosening on your mood, your house and the surrounding areas. As many people prepare to clean up for the spring season, you want every inch of your house looking perfect. Window cleaning is one part to making your home ready for the spring, and we can offer you the cleaning service you need to make your house look beautiful, and allow you to look out your home and enjoy the beautiful greenery without being distracted by the smudges and dirty windows from the last years elements that have impacted your windows cleanliness.

Sun Squeegee is a premier window cleaning company that is located in St. Paul Minnesota. Sun Squeegee has provided excellent service to St. Paul and the surrounding areas for nearly 10 years and is proud to help our customers make their house look beautiful for the upcoming season. Our personal and professional team works with our clients to make sure that all their needs are met in a timely manner, to the highest standards in the industry and are hard earnest workers that are here to provide the best quality service for all our great clients.

Window Re-Screening Company

Sun Squeegee not only helps customers with cleaning windows, but also provides a variety of services such as gutter cleaning, power washing, on site window and door re-screening, interior cleaning for places that are hard to reach such as chandeliers, ceiling fans and other fixtures, commercial services and residential services.

When you need a cleaning service for your home, you want to make sure you choose someone that has the highest standards in the industry. At Sun Squeegee you won’t regret your decision. Being locally owned and family operated we are personable and caring from answering the phone, cleaning your house and making sure we communicate with you in the best of ways! We want to answer all questions, provide you with an accurate quote and schedule an appointment in a timely fashion, and also make sure that we work with you around your schedule.

If you are in the twin cities and are looking for a professional window cleaner, then we are the company for you. Make sure your home is getting the proper spring cleaning that it needs. As windows are hard to clean and are time consuming it is best to hire a professional, especially for those windows that are hard to reach. Call us today and we will give you a quote, and chat with you about what you need done and how we can make your glass sparkle!

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