St Paul Gutter Cleaning

Gutter Cleaning Services St. Paul, MNIt’s that time of the year again. Before your gutters fall completely to the ground, it’s time to call Sun Squeegee, your local squeaky gutter cleaning service in St. Paul, MN. Our locally owned and family operated business works hard to provide you with personal, professional, and quality service that is matched with our affordable pricing. Gutter cleaning can be a dangerous job and downright tedious. Save your time, energy, and safety by calling our professionals today.

Importance of Gutter Cleaning

St. Paul, MN is no stranger to some crazy weather. Gutters are essential in any season to prevent ice damage in the winter and flooding issues in the spring, summer, and fall. When leaves begin to accumulate and debris clogs your system, you know that you’ve got a real problem! This is why we recommend getting your gutters cleaned twice a year!

Beating the Competition

At Sun Squeegee, we really do pride ourselves in being locally run and family owned. We treat all of our customers like they’re part of the family and in our family and everyone has insanely clean gutters. While you may see all the gimmicks and BOGO deals out there from other companies, places like Sun Squeegee are where you’ll find highly skilled professionals who don’t just do it for the paycheck. We do it because this is what we love! Additionally, cleaning gutters takes a certain level of skill that only our specialists can bring to the table. Since we have been serving St. Paul, MN for so long, we understand all different types of gutter systems and we have the knowledge to complete every job safely.

Gutter Cleaning

Another major part of our business that sets us apart from the rest is the quality of work we perform. As long as we can walk on the roof, we will blow off the entire roof as well as any gutter debris. If we can’t walk on your roof, which is a rarity, we will just use a ladder to access your gutters. We will then go through all of the gutters and downspouts, cleaning them as we go. Once all of the gutters are cleared, our team will pick up all of the debris that fell onto the ground. We will then bag the debris and dispose on-site or remove it for a small fee.

Ready for your gutter cleaning? For more information about gutter cleaning in St. Paul, MN, give Sun Squeegee a call today at (651) 829-6618 or send us an email at

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