St. Paul & Minneapolis, Minnesota Gutter Cleaning Services

St. Paul & Minneapolis, Minnesota Gutter Cleaning ServicesLiving in Minnesota, it’s impossible to avoid having your gutters filled with leaves, seed pods, and other debris, but it is possible to avoid having to clean them. Rather than climbing your ladder and spending hours in the hot sun scraping your gutters out, why not call in a professional gutter cleaners? At Sun Squeegee, we provide gutter cleaning services throughout the St. Paul and Minneapolis, Minnesota area, catering to home and business owners alike. We have years of experience cleaning gutters, making what can be a dangerous task a simple feat for our team.

Stay Safe by Hiring a Professional Gutter Cleaner

While many home and business owners try to save money by cleaning their own gutters, that’s really the only benefit of cleaning your own gutters, and it’s not always guaranteed. Many people ask why they’d pay a professional to clean their gutters when they can clean them themselves for free, and as money savers ourselves, we can appreciate this argument. However, you also have to take into account the risks involved in cleaning your gutters yourself. As trained and experienced gutter cleaning professionals, we understand the risks of gutter cleaning, and we know how to combat them, unlike most home and business owners who undertake the task themselves. Rather than risking an injury, call the professionals, and skip the ladder climb.

Save Time and Your Gutters with Our Gutter Cleaning Services

Not only will calling Sun Squeegee save you from getting hurt while cleaning your gutters, we’ll save you the time and energy needed to clean your own gutters as well. Because we’ve made gutter cleaning our business, cleaning your gutters will undeniably take us far fewer hours than if you were to clean them yourself, and you can even count on making your gutters last longer with our help. We know just how damaging leftover leaves and debris can be to your gutters, and that’s why we make sure we clear your gutters completely before leaving your property, reaching every crevice and loosing every piece of muck with our professional tools and techniques.

Making sure your gutters are completely clean will ensure they last longer by preventing corrosion and leakage, and this is only possible if your gutters are cleaned by a professional gutter cleaning company with professional-grade equipment. If you have a buildup of leaves anywhere in your gutter system, your gutters stand a fair chance of flooding when the rain comes or sustaining ice damage when water builds up and freezes in your gutters.

Twin Cities Commercial and Residential Gutter Cleaning Company

To avoid damage to your gutters or yourself, contact Sun Squeegee for your gutter cleaning needs. We’ll make sure that if you’re living in the Minneapolis or St. Paul, Minnesota area, you have the best gutter cleaning service around to clean the gutters of your home or business. Give us a call today at 651-210-8368, or send an email to, and find out how affordable our gutter cleaning services can be with a free estimate.

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