St. Paul & Minneapolis Minnesota On-Site Door & Window Re-Screening Company

Screen Damage RepairRegardless of where you live, repairing and replacing screens is inevitable. No matter how well you treat your screen windows and doors, you can’t prevent them from being damaged by children, pests, unobservant visitors, or even your own clumsiness. At Sun Squeegee, we know that trying to keep your screens in perfect shape is simply impossible, and replacing them yourself can be even more difficult, especially if you don’t have the proper experience to do it properly. That’s why we’re here for your re-screening or screen repair needs, servicing the entire Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota Twin Cities area.

Convenient Screen Door and Window Repairs

When your pet has pawed at a window screen or your kids have been poking holes in your screens again, don’t jump to the worst case scenario. Although many damaged screens do need to be replaced, there are plenty of times when slight damage can be easily repaired by a screen repair professional. The process is difficult, though, and can end up looking extremely shoddy if done haphazardly, so before replacing your damaged screens or trying to fix them yourself, consider calling our screen repair professionals. Our friendly team has the experience needed for the most difficult screen repair and rescreening jobs, and we’re here to help you make your screens pristine and functional again.

Reliable Screen Replacement Company

When it’s clear that your screens are beyond saving, when your kids have run through the screen door, or you’ve dropped a window screen from a second-story window, it’s time to look to a re screening company. As experts in screen repair and screen replacement, Sun Squeegee has been the number one choice of many home and business owners in the Twin Cities area. Our team has been working together since 2008 to provide the best Minnesota rescreening service, and we make sure that this happens by being a straightforward, reliable, and affordable rescreening company.

To have your window and door screens replaced on-site without the hassle of taking your screens somewhere to be rescreened, look to Sun Squeegee. We’ll give you a free estimate before starting to work, and we’ll leave your home or business looking exactly the way you want it. By using the material and color of your remaining screens, we’ll make sure that your new screens match the others perfectly. Contact Sun Squeegee today if you’re looking for an experienced and affordable rescreening company in the Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota area by calling us at 651-210-8368, or send an email to for a free quote.

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