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Gutter Cleaning Ice Dam Removals

Gutter cleaning is an important part of maintaining your home or property, although most people think that spring and fall are the only two times that a gutter needs to be clogged, in fact many times in the winter months ice dams can pose a big threat to the proper snow melt and water drainage. Gutter cleaning can be dangerous and time consuming, and especially in the winter time your roof can become extremely slippery posing even more than the usual dangers. That is why, if you need help cleaning your gutters, hiring a professional is a great idea and Sun Squeegee is here for you! Continue reading

Ice Dam Prevention

Do you need help cleaning out your gutters? Are you noticing water build-up, and ice damming in these cold conditions? Sun Squeegee is here to help you keep your exterior clean and prevent further damage to your home.

It is getting colder in Minnesota, and with the cold weather and the leaf build up from our deciduous trees, ice can create problems for your gutters and greater damage for your home. Located in St. Paul, Minnesota we serve not only the city but the general twin cities. Continue reading