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Cleaning Company that Partners with Realtors Minnesota

Real Estate Cleaning ServiceThere are many approaches to selling a home. And as long as the home is sold at a price and in the timeline that makes everyone happy, the approach was effective. One thing that potential buyers will definitely not complain about is cleanliness. A home that is put on the market would always benefit from a thorough cleaning and Sun Squeegee is experienced in partnering with Minnesota Realtors and Real Estate Companies to aid in staging a home. Continue reading

Residential and Commercial Power Washing St Paul MN

Pressure Washing St Paul MNThankfully, the Minnesota winter is over, but that only means spring cleaning has begun!

The outside of your house can really take a beating. It has to withstand sun, rain, wind, hail and extreme temperature swings. Property exteriors like siding, decks, fences, stucco, retaining walls and playsets can really take a toll. Continue reading

House and Patio Pressure Washing St Paul

Power Washing Service MinneapolisAre you disgusted by the current look of your home or patio? Are you sick of looking at the mildew, spider webs and grime that has built up causing an eyesore for you and the rest of your neighbors in St Paul, MN? Before assuming that your home needs a new paint job or your patio needs to be restrained, consider investing in house and patio pressure washing services from our professional cleaning team at Sun Squeegee. This affordable option can help you get the exterior of your house and your patio back to its natural look. Continue reading

Power Washing Services St Paul MN

Power Washing MNHave you ever heard of the term, “power wash my soul”? Basically, it’s a metaphor meaning to completely clean the soul and rid it of sin. While we don’t have the powers to completely clean your soul, Sun Squeegee can power wash just about anything else! Offering power washing services in St Paul, MN, Sun Squeegee does both residential and commercial power washing, giving your property a new, clean look. Continue reading

Cleaning Services for Property Owners & Realtors St Paul, MN

Real Estate Cleaning ServiceSpring is without question the most active time in the real estate market.  And, with the improvements in the market over the last few years, some houses that are listed may quickly receive offers. What sets these houses apart from the rest?  One consideration is the ‘wow’ factor when a potential buyer enters and whether that buyer can see themselves actually living in the home. Continue reading

Power Washing Services Minneapolis

Power Washing Service MinneapolisAs the snow melts off of your Minnesota home, you can begin to visibly see the dirt and grime that the exterior of your home has collected over the winter season. At Sun Squeegee, we are here to help you start fresh this spring! Get the exterior of your home looking like new! Sun Squeegee is offering power washing services for Minneapolis homes and businesses in the area. With our trusted professionals behind the hose, we can get those tough to reach and hard to remove spaces on your home, leaving it sparkling and shining! Continue reading

Commercial Office Cleaning MPLS | Windows, Gutters, Power Wash

Minneapolis Commercial Exterior CleaningAs spring arrives and the cold, frigid, snowy Minnesota weather is replaced with warmer temperatures, green growth and flowers, you naturally look around your home and business (inside and out) and notice some dirt and grime that has gone overlooked through the winter months. It is the perfect time for some spring cleaning! Sun Squeegee is a superior residential and commercial cleaning service in the Minneapolis and St Paul area Continue reading