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Hand Window Washing Company

Hand Window Washing CompanyWashing windows can be as time consuming or quick as you’d like, especially if you only wash the glass and leave your screens and window sills to gather dust and grime. But what about when you simply can’t wait any longer, and you need to clean you windows for top to bottom? The entire cleaning process can take hours, even if you have help, and it will probably be the only thing you can accomplish in one day. Instead of spending hours or days washing your windows yourself, why not call in the professionals? At Sun Squeegee, we wash windows for homeowners all over the Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota area, specializing in washing windows by hand inside and out. Continue reading

Interior & Exterior Window Washing

There’s nothing worse than realizing that, even after having your windows professionally cleaned, they’re still not shining the way you’d like them to. Even when you take a cloth and shine your windows with your own elbow grease, it sometimes isn’t enough to get the effect you want. Why is that? Because you likely aren’t using the right cleaning materials, or you’re not cleaning the right parts of your windows! At Sun Squeegee, we know that there’s more to window washing than scrubbing down a pane of glass with some soap and water or a choice glass cleaner. That’s why we provide interior and exterior window washing services in St. Paul, South St. Paul, and Highland Park, Minnesota, helping homeowners find a professional Twin Cities window washing company that will leave homes shining every time. This time, when you go to wash your windows or call someone else to do it for you, save yourself the time, money and regret, and call Sun Squeegee instead! Continue reading

Window Washing Edina, MN

Window Washing Edina, MNMost everyone likes a clean home, but very few of us enjoy the hard work required to make it feel as clean as the day you bought your house or moved into it.  Sun Squeegee, which serves Edina, MN, makes the process of getting your house squeaky clean much easier.  Even if you are someone who enjoys hand-washing your dishes, vacuuming your carpets, polishing and waxing your hardwood floors, the chances that you also enjoy cleaning your house’s windows, inside and out, seem remote.  And why would you? Continue reading