Twin Cities Professional Winter Window Cleaners

Twin Cities Professional Winter Window CleanersIf you are getting ready for the holidays and want to have your house looking beautiful and pristine while enjoying the views of the white snow outside, a professional window cleaning may need to be in your future. Cleaning your windows can be a hard task, and oftentimes homes have double panes or windows that are high off the ground that are hard to reach. If you need help, then it may be time to call a professional and Sun Squeegee is the company for you! Our window cleaning services are designed to completely remove the dust, dirt, and streaks that are keeping your house from looking stunning.

Our friendly and professional cleaners at our cleaning company makes cleaning windows easy and affordable. Trying to spray wash your windows in the winter can be difficult because of the freezing temperatures and that is why we offer a window cleaning service to get our windows looking great. Our residential and commercial window cleaning services are available to customers located throughout St. Paul, Minnesota and Twin Cities area.

Professional Window Cleaning Services, MN

Window cleaning can be a challenging task. Our window washing team always provides the best service and cleans by hand. Our classic, meticulous hand cleaning services help you achieve the perfect clean for the windows of your home or business. We want you to be completely satisfied with the service and have beautiful windows for the holiday season. Our team strives to exceed your expectations and guarantee that you will be satisfied with our service.

Our process includes:

  • All Screens Are Removed, Cleaned, & Wiped Down
  • All Windows On All Levels of the Home or Business Are Hand Washed
  • All Windows & Sills Are Scrubbed with Soap & Water
  • All Window Sills & Edges Are Dried with a Towel
  • All Windows Are Dried with a Squeegee
  • All Screens Are Replaced Once Cleaned

Hand Washed compared to Spray Washing, Window Cleaning, MN

Many companies around the Twin Cities oftentimes use spray washing to clean commercial and residential windows. Spray Cleaning knows some dirt off, but cannot get rid of all debris and therefore leave the windows still dirty. Professional window cleaners should not use spray cleaning but rather use hand-clean window washing. We offer the best quality service for the St. Paul, Minneapolis area. We are ready to do great winter cleaning for your home or business. Our team is ready to wash each window of your home or business by gently wetting, scrubbing, squeegeeing, drying, and wiping your windows and window sills by hand.

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