Twin Cities Residential & Commercial Cleaning Service

Twin Cities Residential & Commercial Cleaning ServicesIt’s the small things in life that matter, right? Beauty is all in the details. At Sun Squeegee, located in the Twin Cities, we believe that the small details within a home or business is what really makes a place shine! We provide both residential and commercial cleaning services for properties in the Twin Cities area and beyond. Our interior cleaning includes chandeliers, ceiling fans, mirrors, and fixtures. That’s right, beauty is all in the details.

Residential Cleaning Service

A home is a very important thing to most people and we want you to feel completely comfortable within your own walls! Whether you are spring cleaning, fall cleaning, preparing for a home sale, or just wanting to give your home an extra shine, cleaning at Sun Squeegee is all about the details!

Commercial Cleaning Services

Want to leave a lasting impression on anyone entering into your place of business? Streak free shines, drip and spot free windows and flawless interior cleaning is what we bring to the table when we arrive. We understand the importance of keeping your place of work clean so we strive to give your environment a clean, comfortable feel every time we leave.

Interior Cleaning: Chandeliers, Ceiling Fans, Mirror, Fixtures

Chandeliers, ceiling fans, mirrors, and fixtures aren’t cheap. These things can make your home or office “pop” and give you a sense of pride. However, your pride can easily turn to embarrassment once these things get nasty. Dust, warped, and even burnt out lightbulbs can completely change the look and feel of the environment. Rest assured, Sun Squeegee is here to save the day! Don’t even attempt to get on that old ladder you have out back! No amount of dust and grime is worth a broken back! Instead, let the professionals that have the right equipment for every job keep you safe and get the work done within your home or business. We have experience in reaching those hard places like skylights and vaulted ceiling light fixtures. We also know how to keep them clean and leave a lasting impression on anyone that walks into the room. We work with all types of homes and businesses like hair salons, fitness studios, and even breweries, helping them to maintain a safe and healthy environment for all of their guests.

For more information about both residential cleaning services and commercial cleaning services in the Twin Cities area, contact Sun Squeegee today at (651) 210-8368!

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