Window Cleaning and Screen Repair

As spring draws nears and the temperatures warm up, you may yearn to be outdoors, and when you are inside, want to bring in some of the brilliant sunshine. As you look out of the windows of your home or business, you may notice dirt, grime and even some mildew on your windows, keeping the sunlight from shining brightly. Spring is a great time to have the windows of your property professionally cleaned. This will allow more light in and increase your property’s curb appeal, which may even increase your property value. Sun Squeegee specializes in interior and exterior window washing for residences and commercial property in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area. In addition, our crew can complete window and door screen repair, so that you can also let in some of that fresh air.

Professional Window Cleaning, Minneapolis/St. Paul

Minnesota’s winters are long and harsh. It can be difficult to spend much time (if any) outdoors, so once spring arrives, many residents are ready for sunshine and fresh air. Many properties are also understandably neglected during those winter months, so spring is also a great time to make some small improvements that improve the overall look of your property, but make it much easier to enjoy the spring months. Having your windows professionally cleaned at least once a year can dramatically improve the visibility out of your windows. Our crew will completely and thoroughly remove all traces of dirt, grime and mildew and leave you with streak-free, crystal clear windows that you can enjoy. One of the things that helps set Sun Squeegee apart from the competition is that we clean your windows by hand to give you the best possible final product. The results are amazing!

Let In Fresh Air This Spring!

In addition to professional window cleaning, our crew can also complete any necessary screen repairs on your windows or doors, so that you can let fresh air in once the temperatures warm up. It is ideal to do this repair in conjunction with professional window cleaning since our crew will remove all screens for that purpose. Our crew has been completing re-screening jobs for nearly a decade so you can count on us to be professional, courteous, and to know exactly what we are doing. We stand behind our work and offer affordable pricing for each of our jobs.

Start spring off right this year! Call Sun Squeegee at 651-210-8368 for window cleaning, screen repair, gutter cleaning, and power washing to get your home or business looking its best this spring.

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