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Mn Window Rescreening ServicesSpring is here and now is the time to get a head start to keep the bugs from entering your home or business. Your screen doors and windows offer your interior space the best protection against the invasion of pesky insects, while allowing you to welcome fresh air into your home or business. The best way to stay ahead of the bugs is to be sure your door and window screens are ready for the warmer weather with help from the pros at Sun Squeegee serving customers in the Minneapolis, St. Paul areas.

Are Your Screens Ready For Warmer Temps?

We know that after the long winter, you are ready for the warmer temperatures, but did you know that insects are also eagerly awaiting the warm up? That’s right, and on the very first warm weather day, you’ll notice the gnats and bees are already on the go. Like most of us, you may not have much time to spend inspecting each and every window and door screen around your home or business. Let the experienced screen repair team at Sun Squeegee inspect your screen windows and doors to provide you with an assessment of your screens and free estimate for rescreening. Ants, flies, spiders, wasps, and even worse can find even the tiniest of holes in screens to invade your home. Our experts will be able to advise you as to whether your screen will need to be repaired or re-screened to prepare for the summer days.

A Makeover For Your Windows And Doors

How do your door and window screens look? You may notice various sized holes, tears, and rips. If your screens are older, they might appear to be stretched, brittle, or warped. If you take a good look, the dark tint of your screen may actually be interfering with your enjoyment of the view outside. If you notice any of these things, then it is time to call in the experts for their suggestions for a quick and inexpensive makeover. At Sun Squeegee, we offer a range of screen fabrics to help you achieve the look and the view that you desire for your home or office.

Affordable Door And Window Rescreening in the Twin Cities Metro

Want to know how to makeover all your window screens and screen doors without breaking the bank? When you work with Sun Squeegee, there’s no need for budgeting to buy all new screen doors and windows when they can simply be rescreened or repaired. And to save you even more money, consider pairing our rescreening service with interior and/or exterior window cleaning, where we will take care of all these services on-site.

Open Your Windows On The First Warm Day Of Spring

Find out why we have been the premier window cleaning and rescreening service in the St. Paul/Minneapolis area since 2008. Contact Sun Squeegee today for a free window screen replacement and window cleaning estimate at (651) 210-8368.

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