Window Washing By Hand

Window Washing By HandWhenever you clean your windows and doors, taking a rag and window cleaner to every pane of glass in your home, by the time you’ve finished, your home is immaculately clear – on the inside. It’s then that you realize you have to do it all over again from the other side of the glass. The only question is, do you really want to? Why not save yourself the hassle, and hire a professional hand wash window washing company? At Sun Squeegee, we take care of your windows for you, leaving your glass sparkling and clear. Servicing the Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota area, our hand washing technique is all the rage, leaving home and business owners wondering why they ever tried cleaning their windows themselves.

Hand-Washed Windows Shine Brighter than Spray Washing

When you decide to hire a professional window washing company in Minnesota, you might be tempted by the “quick-and-easy” sound of spray washing. We admit, it does sound much faster and much more efficient than hand washing windows. For the little time it takes, spray washing would be a great window cleaning solution; unfortunately, more than time goes into window washing. While spray washing leaves water spots all over your windows, making them look like they’ve been dabbed with polka dots, hand-washed windows professionally cleaned by the Sun Squeegee team will look spotless and clear every time. Don’t settle for a spotted mess that takes very little time or effort; instead, look to Sun Squeegee for a more effective and spotless window cleaning service.

Clearer Windows with Professional Hand-Washed Window Cleaning

When we hand wash your windows, we go all out just like you would if you had the patience, time, or energy to meticulously clean every single window of your home. That means we’ll start by removing, cleaning, and drying your screens, hand washing every single window of your home or business before drying them with squeegees, and wash and dry each window sill. Without a doubt, you can count on us to pay unparalleled attention to detail. With just soap, water, and a little extra effort, we’ll have your windows shining like you never knew they could, and you’ll be calling us every time you want to keep your mother-in-law from running her hands along your dusty windows.

Window Cleaning Company You Can Trust

Don’t settle for water spots and streaks left behind by spray washing; call Sun Squeegee today, and watch the dust, dirt, and grime on your windows disappear without a trace. If you’re in the St. Paul and Minneapolis, Minnesota area, we’re the best window washing company to leave your windows shining like new. With our hand wash window service, you can’t go wrong, and you’ll never have to deal with your windows alone again. For a free estimate, call Sun Squeegee at 651-210-8368, or send an email to

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