Window Washing Edina, MN

Window Washing Edina, MNMost everyone likes a clean home, but very few of us enjoy the hard work required to make it feel as clean as the day you bought your house or moved into it.  Sun Squeegee, which serves Edina, MN, makes the process of getting your house squeaky clean much easier.  Even if you are someone who enjoys hand-washing your dishes, vacuuming your carpets, polishing and waxing your hardwood floors, the chances that you also enjoy cleaning your house’s windows, inside and out, seem remote.  And why would you?

Professional Window Washing

Cleaning windows, especially in Minnesota, where the wind blows, the snow falls, and the rain often travels sideways, is hard work.  Most of us do not have the time or the right tools to make the result satisfying, much less enjoyable.  That’s where Sun Squeegee comes in to help.  The staff of Sun Squeegee have the tools to make the job simpler, more efficient, and affordable.  They charge a reasonable price to help save you the extra work required because you probably do not have the right implements to get the job done right.  Oh, and they get the job done right!  A house with clean carpets and shiny hardwood floors does not seem complete until you can look through the windows from the inside and the outside without having to look through a dingy film.

Window Washing Process, Edina MN

Sun Squeegee completes the job in a way that you may want to, and may even try hard to but cannot.  Here is a little more detail about how they go about doing it, just in case you think you are up to the task.

  1. Sun Squeegee removes all of your screens and cleans them thoroughly. If you have ever tried to clean a screen, you know that it can be a thankless task.  For people who do this work for a living, it is simpler to ensure efficiency that most of us cannot match.
  2. The staff then hand washes all windows on all floors of your home or business.
  3. Windows and window sills are cleaned thoroughly with soap and water.
  4. All window sills and window edges are hand-dried with a clean towel.
  5. Of course, all windows are cleaned and dried with a Squeegee. They do this not just because of the company name but because cleaning windows with a Squeegee and proper technique makes clean windows almost invisible.
  6. Finally, all screens are placed back on their respective windows.

Call the team at Sun Squeegee at (651) 210-8368 for more information.

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