Window Washing Roseville

Window Washing RosevilleOwning a home or business requires a significant amount of work to keep the property in good shape.  We all know that there are some jobs that are easier than others.  Sun Squeegee provides a wide variety of cleaning services to those in the Roseville, MN area.  One of the most commonly used services is interior and exterior window washing, perhaps because it is one of the most difficult and cumbersome jobs to complete for your property.  Our team can thoroughly remove all of the dust, dirt, and streaks from both sides of your windows that are preventing you from being able to see clearly out of your windows.

Window Washing Services Roseville, MN

Your windows let in light from the outside, and that natural light makes your home or business feel a certain warmth and adds significant beauty.  Cleaning the inside and outside of your windows can be difficult, especially if you have upper floors.  The window cleaning professionals at Sun Squeegee can take on this difficult task and provide you with high quality work at an affordable price.

Sun Squeegee follows a six step window cleaning process that includes the following steps:

  • Each window screen is carefully removed, cleaned and wiped down.
  • All windows on all levels of the property are hand washed (inside and out).
  • Windows and sills are scrubbed thoroughly with soap and water.
  • All window sills and edges are dried with a towel.
  • All windows are dried with a squeegee.
  • All screens are replaced after they have been cleaned.

Even though it may take a bit longer, Sun Squeegee uses the hand washing method to clean windows because we believe that it really leaves windows looking their very best.  Hand washing leaves your windows spotless and perfectly clear.  Spray washing can be somewhat effective but tends to only clean a portion of the dirt and grime that collects on your windows.

Commercial And Residential Cleaning Services

Sun Squeegee has been in the commercial and residential cleaning services business since 2008 and has built their success on providing their customers the highest quality services, affordable pricing and superior customer service.  In addition to window washing, Sun Squeegee can also power wash the exterior of your property, clean your gutters, and clean those hard to reach areas of your home including chandeliers, ceiling fans and mirrors.

If you live in the Roseville, MN area, contact Sun Squeegee at 1-651-210-8368 to get a free quote for window washing or one of our other cleaning services.

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