St. Paul Professionally-Cleaned Windows That Sparkle

Do you miss being able to look outside of your home or office and see the pristine landscape around you? Do you try to clean your own windows only to find streaks are marring your view? Then it is time to put down the cloth and pick up the phone to call the window washing professionals at Sun Squeegee. Our window cleaning services are designed to completely remove the dust, dirt, and streaks that are keeping you from being able to look out your windows with ease.

Avoiding spray washing for hand cleaning, the team of friendly and professional cleaners at our premier cleaning company make it easy and affordable to give you the beautiful, clean windows you deserve. Our residential and commercial window cleaning services are available to customers located throughout St. Paul, Minnesota and Twin Cities area.

Professional Window Cleaning Services

When it comes to giving you the clean windows you are after, our window washing team always performs our services by hand. Our classic, meticulous hand cleaning services help you achieve the perfect clean for the windows of your home or business.

Your satisfaction is very important to us, which is why our team doesn’t just strive to exceed your expectations; we guarantee that you will be 100% happy with the services and results we provide. One of the ways we achieve our quality goals is by utilizing our proven cleaning process, which can help us clean up to three stories.

Our process includes:

  • All Screens Are Removed, Cleaned, & Wiped Down
  • All Windows On All Levels of the Home or Business Are Hand Washed
  • All Windows & Sills Are Scrubbed with Soap & Water
  • All Window Sills & Edges Are Dried with a Towel
  • All Windows Are Dried with a Squeegee
  • All Screens Are Replaced Once Cleaned

Choosing Hand Washed Instead of Spray Washing

Spray washing is a cleaning method that is often times used by other cleaning companies, homeowners or commercial property owners to save time when looking to clean their windows. This method is capable of knocking off some of the dirt, but not all of it, while the air drying technique that usually accompanies this cleaning method is inclined to leave water spots and drips on the windows. If you notice a “professional” company offering spray washing services you can rest assured that they will leave your window in a condition that is less than to be desired. Don’t be fooled by their prices, spray washing leaves you with less than impressive, lackluster windows.

That is why our St. Paul window washing company will only hand-clean your windows. We deliver nothing but the best quality service to our residential and commercial customers and we know this cleaning method delivers the results they are after. Our team is ready to wash each window of your home or business by gently wetting, scrubbing, squeegeeing, drying, and wiping your windows and window sills by hand. This is the only way to leave your windows spotless and perfectly clear.

Contact us to receive a free window washing estimate. Our residential and commercial window cleaning services are available to customers located throughout the St. Paul, Minnesota and Twin Cities area.


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